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McDonald’s Faces Heat Of Meat Ban. Takes Popular Filet-O-Fish Out Of The Menu

Facing the onslaught of the meet ban in Uttar Pradesh, and other states, from the time CM Yogi Adityanath had taken over to the state’s new head, the impact has sent the massive shockwave to the food market that is heavily dependent on them.

 In the same line of target falls giant food chain of the country, McDonald’s. Facing the heat of the situation of meat ban, the company took to their twitter handle after a query was raised regarding why the company has taken Filet-O-Fish off their menu. The company, in the tweet, says, “Due to fish supply constraints at our supplier’s end, fish burgers are on hold temporarily in our restaurants.”

 This, though, can’t be confirmed that it’s because of the strict action that is been taken by the government or there is an actual shortage of fishes. However, McDonald is not the only one who is facing the issue. Later in March, KFC branch was shut down in Gurugram. In Lucknow, Zoo was under shortage of meat to feed Lions because of the rule to shut down slaughterhouses in Uttar Pradesh.

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