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Match Made In Heaven, Found On Twitter.

We cannot deny the fact that social media had brought us together irrespective of country we live in. From that long lost friend from our school to the crush that we had, social media had played the part in making the life easy to be connected with the world. Apart from this; we as journalists have our job revolving around the social media. But who would thought that this fast-paced, ever-changing world of internet will help you find the partner for life? Interesting, right? Actually, it did happen.

Anuj Patel and Sumita Dalmia from Atlanta found each other on Twitter and the rest is history. One tweet, a random conversation, and the exchange of words started. And with the lapse of time, they are a married couple now.

Amid all the craziness related to their love and marriage, the duo didn’t forget about twitter- where their love nourished and so they decided to have a twitter theme based wedding! Here are a few pictures from their perfect wedding.


The Wedding Card


This Hotel Key Card


For Twitter Love Birds


Can You Spot The Twitter Birds In This Cake?


Even The Drink Is ‘Blue’ In Color


And Some Twitter Messages

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