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Margam foundation comes as food saviour in the pandemic!

Byline By- Aaliya Sultana

Pandemic has resulted in shortage of oxygen cylinder, remdesivir etc. But families are also facing problem with necessities like food and grocery. Covid positive patients isolating at home often faces this problem. Seeing this, several people have decided to deliver food at their doorstep. One such foundation is the Margam Foundation.

The Margam Foundation in Vijayawada has decided to help the COVID patients who are self-isolating at their homes by delivering free nutritious food to them. The founder of this foundation is Ms Lakshmi Annapurna, who was facing this problem as well when she was positive for covid-19 and had to be isolated for two weeks. She was unable to make food and had a very difficult time due to this. Hence, she decided to take this initiative.

Every day they deliver at least 250 meals to the patients and their family members in places like Satyanarayanapuran along with Moghalrajpuram, One Town, Brundhavan Colony, Vidhyadharapuram, Benz Circle, Krishna Lanka, Gunadala and BRTS Road.

Her goals started blooming in the second wave of Covid. One can reach out to them through their helpline number.

Margam shows that small idea can go long way and have last effecting result. She only started her business with Rs. 2 Lakh. People facing terrible time right now can reach out to Margam Foundation and can have a little less burden on their shoulder for food and look after their loved ones in much more effective way! The Aadhaar Card and the residential details are needed of the covid positive person and are collected by the volunteers before the day of delivering food and the orders are taken before 11pm.

The meal costs around as little as Rs 75 and time punctuality is followed. The items included are rice, vegetable curry, sambar,rasam, dry fruits,ladoo, curd etc. A proper feast!

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