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Man Refuses to Give Armed Robber his Expensive Louis Vuitton Bag

A man from Holland Township, Michigan did, US not give up the one thing he loved the most despite being involved in a scary situation: his expensive Louis Vuitton bag.

Despite the frightening incident, Kluting showed courage when he refused to give the robber his expensive designer bag.

Police who were on Kluting’s case said that the 21-year-old unidentified robber pulled a handgun on the victim. He then demanded for the bag and fired three shots using his weapon.

“It happened very fast. In one motion he took the gun out of his waist belt and with the other hand put up a bandana over his mouth and pointed, was like, ‘Give me your bag,” the report quoted Kluting.

His response to the robber? “You’re not getting my Louis Vuitton.”

Kluting said he worked very hard for the bag which he has “had forever” and “means a lot to me.”

“I wasn’t about ready to relinquish it to `some thug that was going to demand it from me,” he added.

“I paid $1,700 for it or thereabouts. …I love Louis Vuitton and I saw this bag long before I could buy it and I saved up my money to buy it,”

According to the report, Kluting believed that the robber was scaring him when he pulled the first two shots. The final shot was aimed at him, but he luckily missed.

Meanwhile, cops arrested the suspect shortly after the incident. The gunman was charged with armed robbery, receiving and concealing stolen property and felony firearm reports The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office.

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