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Man forgot where he parked his car; found it 20 years later

If you’ve ever lost a car in a shopping centre, count your lucky stars that you can actually find it.

A German man has been reunited with the car that he lost over 20 years ago. The man was completely stumped as to where he had left the car way back in 1997, in Frankfurt, Germany.

Despite reporting the loss to the police, the car was not found until last week — and only then, it was found because the industrial parking lot it was located in was set to be demolished.

Local German paper Augsburger Allgemeine reported that the man, now 76 years old, arrived at the police station with his daughter to collect the car once he heard of the discovery.

But it wasn’t all good news for the owner.

The Volkswagen Passat was too dysfunctional to operate and had to be scrapped.

There’s no word yet about whether the man will be copping a fee for all those years of parking he managed to get away with!

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