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Madhya Pradesh Congress Fire Brand Jitu Patwari In Action. Found A New Way To Protest Against LPG Price Hike.

The streets of Bhopal witnessed some unusual scene today. Congress M.L.A Jitu Patwari and Co. attracted the cameras this morning by arriving at the state assembly in bicycles carrying LPG cylinders to protest against the price hike of gas cylinders used for domestic consumption which was accompanied by his party M.L.A s

As per reports, the prices of non-subsidized LPG cylinders are hiked by a sheer amount of Rs86 per cylinder, reflecting international changes. And a rise of 13 paise in the prices of Gas cylinders with subsidy was imposed.

For those people who have given up their subsidies, or have exhausted the twelve cylinders limit allotted to them in a year, will end up paying Rs 737.50 per cylinder, which was priced 651.50 till yesterday. And the revised price of the subsidised cylinder will be Rs 434.93 starting today. The prices will vary state to state.

Rates have been on the upswing since October 2014 and this is the fifth time since then, and in two months that hikes in the prices of cooking gas cylinders have been recorded. Last time the prices of the domestic cylinders were revised in February this year. A hike of 66.50 was imposed. Thus the latest one is the steepest one in India’s history by far.

The opposition has raised a lot of questions on the government’s credibility and no control over the upsurge in the rates of the domestic cylinders.

Jitu Patwari cashed in this opportunity and mocked the Shivraj Singh government by protesting against the price hikes in a different manner altogether. “Congress will take up this issue in the ongoing session of the state assembly”, says the Congress M.L.A from Rau.

As the next assembly election in the state is slated for 2018, Congress is leaving no stone unturned to try and push Shivraj Singh Chauhan and the BJP to the back foot, and will surely encash this opportunity against BJP in state election

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