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Like mother like daughter. These pictures will definitely give an awww feeling!

Wedding days are one of the most memorable days in a woman’s life and their daughters’ wedding days, even more so. Mothers are like the guardian angel to every bride to be.


But it’s more hurting to see when your daughter turns into a bride. So give the mothers the feel of the future buzz feed brought in mothers and daughters trio. Three women recreated their mother’s wedding photo and the results are super sweet.

watch the full video below for more reactions:

“How do you think she’ll look?” one of the mums is asked in the buzz feed video.

my reflection,” she replies.

As much as brides-to-be may anticipate their weddings, sometimes it’s their mothers who are even more excited for the big day.

So, in a recent buzz feed video, daughters recreate their mother’s wedding photos to give them a little preview of what it will be like when they’re really getting married.

While the daughters are transformed into spitting images of their mothers as brides, both parties discuss traditions, when the daughters think they’ll be ready to wed, and their hopes for their futures.

“In my case, my mother wants me to be happy first, she wants me to settle, and then marriage is on the cards. But not so soon,” Maryam explains.

“The first thing that my mother will tell me when I’m getting ready is ‘whatever you wear, you will look good,'” Vrushali speculates about her special day.

Finally, the daughters stand alongside their mothers and reveal their looks, much to their mothers’ surprise and delight.

“I’m actually very overwhelmed,” Maryam’s mother says when she sees her. “Nothing but the best for my daughter.”

The video first shows the mothers and daughters discussing their views regarding marriage in general and subtly revealing the generation gap between them. Later the daughters are taken aside to recreate the bridal looks flaunted by their mothers years ago using old wedding photos for reference.

When the mothers finally get to see their girls all decked up like blushing brides, it ends up being really sweet and emotional. What’s even more fascinating is the way the daughters resemble their mothers in their younger years.





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