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Let’s spare a moment for the one who made our childhood memorable

The name Disney is synonymous with cartoons, fairy tales, movies, silly symphonies and themed parks. But the moniker referred to is Walter Elias Disney, born on December 5, 1901. More than a few of his creations — including Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy — are instantly recognisable global icons.

.On late Walter Disney’s 116th birth anniversary today, we bring to you some of Disney’s greatest works of all time

Everyone’s favourite

Since 1937, Walt Disney Studios’ animated movies have been working on brilliant artistry, masterful storytelling and groundbreaking technology.
These are the best



Beauty & the Beast, 1991

The characters are remarkably memorable — there’s the heartbreaking frailty of Belle’s father, the suave Lumiere, and the lovable Cogsworth. Belle, meanwhile, has interests beyond men. The music is equally mesmerizing.

The Lion King, 1994

The Lion King presents an original story (albeit one inspired by the Biblical tales of Moses and Joseph, as well as Hamlet and Macbeth) and perfectly balances the serious and comedic tones. The Lion King may be the most enduring film in Disney’s catalogue


Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs, 1937

It is the world’s first full-length animated feature and the first in the Disney animated canon. It is also the first one in English, the first one in Technicolor, and the first one ever made in the US.

Cinderella, 1950

Cinderella is one of the first movies to push the ‘Prince Charming Exists’ agenda. Based on the classic fairy tale; it’s hard to not feel a swell of excitement when Cinderella’s rags are turned into her dream gown after all the abuse she’s dealt with. It gives hope that good people will ultimately be rewarded


Alice in Wonderland, 1951

With its psychedelic elements, the movie also carries some of the darkest undertones Disney universe. While we see Alice’s imagination in Wonderland unfold, it goes from being fun and whimsical to sinister. That tension, that childhood can be both wonderful and frightening, is what makes Alice in Wonderland a classic.

The origins

Created in 1928, Mickey Mouse is virtually synonymous with Walt Disney. Disney himself did the mouse’s voice over till 1947, before being turned over to English voice actor Jimmy MacDonald.

Originally referred to as Mortimer Mouse, the name was changed to Mickey which was thought to be a more marketable name. Mortimer later became Mickey’s rival, vying for Minnie Mouse’s affection.


Before Mickey, there was Oswald. Walt’s first big hit was Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, but he sold the character to Universal in 1927. Mickey was created as a replacement to Oswald


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