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Lara Dutta has responded to Steve Harvey asking Miss Universe ‘Harnaaz Sandhu’ to meow on stage!

Written by Shivangi Chawla

Just after the finale of Miss Universe 2021, Steve Harvey was stuck into a controversy. As many people slammed and criticized Steve Harvey for asking Harnaaz Sandhu to meow like a cat during the Finale round of Miss Universe 2021.

Responding to this The former Miss Universe Lara Dutta opened up her opinion in an interview about Miss Universe 2021 host Steve Harvey asking Harnaaz Sandhu to mimic an animal at the event.

In a new interview, Lara Dutta said that before a contestant enters the pageant, she is given a 15-page long questionnaire, asking her many questions. Recalling her time, Lara said that as she had written in her form that she was a classically trained dancer in both Bharatnatyam and Kathak, she was asked to show them a few steps. She told them she could not do it in her gown as it would be disrespectful to the art. She instead showed them a few mudras. Lara said that the idea of that round, when it is just top 16 left, is to keep things light and how the contestants would react to ‘a fun question’.

Lara Dutta has responded to Steve Harvey's question to Harnaaz Sandhu.

“It’s a bit to see the lighter side of your personality. Every question does not have to be about saving the world or being Mother Teresa or ending world hunger. So, in Harnaaz’s form, one of the things she had written is that she used to enjoy mimicking animal sounds which is why that’s what they picked up. That’s why Steve Harvey asked her that question. So the question came from what she had written in the form. The idea of it was not to put her down or ask India a bizarre question. It’s just to see how you would perform when something like that is thrown at you and life is going to put you in so many situations along the way.

She also added, “So, it’s about understanding how you would react if something and I think Harnaaz handled it very well she was very nonchalant about it. She didn’t give it any gehra (deep) thought that ‘Oh my god now I have to mimic a cat’, she just went with it and had fun. I think that’s the most important thing is a lot of time you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously. Being Miss Universe or being Miss World is not about wearing the crown and having the perfect wave. It’s about being yourself, being the young wonderful girl that Harnaaz is. She’s very genuine, she’s a little goofy, she’s real she’s comfortable about who she is and how she is. I think that’s very refreshing to have.”

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