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Ladies!!! This app to reveal what you look like

Surprisingly, it’s almost unbelievable news (if you want to ready two palate cleansers in separate tabs, here’s  an app now exists solely for the purpose of adding or removing makeup to any photo, with the implied purpose to show women barefaced.

MakeApp exposes what women “really” look like, without their foundation, highlighter or lipstick.

The MakeApp photo filter digitally removes any visible makeup.You take a selfie or upload a picture of someone else, and the free version of the app gives you two options to add makeup or remove makeup. You pick one, and the filter does the rest.

Considering 60 percent of men actually, believe women wear makeup to attract them, the underlying belief that women wear makeup to conduct some form of sexual espionage is laughable.

Truly—we sit around in secret covens, coming up with ways to dupe dudes who wear belts with jeans and play Call Of Duty for eight hours a day into dating us. Yeah…no.

Additionally, the app seems to be specifically directed at women—while Angelina Jolie was targeted twice.


By: Mini Singh

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