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“Kya BJP EVM ke Sath Mili Hui hai ? Aur haan mujhe pata hai aap mera mazak udaoge” : Arvind Kejriwal

Punjab election results are out, where INC have garnered 77 seats out of 117 seats, where AAP emerged as second largest winning party by winning 20 seats which is much lesser than AAP expected. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is not ready to accept the loss and has alleged tampering of EVM and going his party’s vote share to SAD-BJP alliance which has reduced to 18 seats from 56 in 2012.

Arvind Kejriwal held his press conference on Wednesday morning, where he raised various questions

1) Election Commission’s responsibility to keep people’s faith in EVM. They cannot shirk responsibility.

2) Many have said that there is anger against Akali’s & AAP is sweeping polls, still AAP got 25% votes & SAD got 31%, how is it possible?

3) Through the EVM is it possible that 20-25% vote share meant for AAP was transferred to SAD-BJP alliance

4) We know it is too late to declare Punjab-Goa elections void but this is for future, faith has to be restored in electoral process

5) EC should count slips of VVPAT and match it with figures of EVM results. If it matches, people’s trust will increase

6) SC said EVMs are vulnerable and prone to tampering. SC se bada kya hai? Main janta hu mere bayan ke baad aap mera mazzak udaaoge

7) Developed countries have given up EVMs should we not rethink? Even the BJP, including Advaniji, had said EVMs can be tampered. Arvind Kejriwal now realised that EVMs in Delhi elections were also tampered

8) Sir aapkay Pronnoy Roy nay kaha, Shekhar Gupta ney tweet kia kii Majha mey AAP ka wave hai, saaray keh rahe the

9) People who tamper EVMs, they should answer why they didn’t do so in Delhi and Bihar?

Kejriwal also added several countries in the west have moved away from using the machines and are back to the ballot system. He also said that in order to repose faith in the electoral process, the Election Commission should count the VVPAT slips in states where they were used and match them with the EVM result.

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