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Know why the Assam government is closing all the govt. funded Madrasa and Sanskrit centers.

“To close any educational institution means to harm the students. Such decisions are not taken for the benefit of the students but instead, there is politics behind all this. Congress is saying that if their party comes into the government then the madrasas should It will be reopened. This is clearly a political issue. While the madrasa education system in Assam is very old and I myself have studied here from a madrasa and become a teacher here today,” said maulana Rafiq, an Urdu-Arabic teacher at Jorhat based Islamia-e-madrasa teacher.

In fact, the Assam government has decided to close all the state-run madrasas and Sanskrit tolls or Sanskrit centers.

Assam Education Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said on Wednesday, “Government-run or funded madrasas and Sanskrit centers will be restructured into regular schools within the next five months. This is because the job of a secular government is not to provide religious education. “We cannot spend government funds for religious education. A notification will be issued in November for this.”

Regarding private madrasas operating in the state, the education minister says, “There are no problems with private madrasas run by social organizations and other non-governmental organizations. They will continue to run but private madrasas should also be run within a regulatory framework Will be. We are bringing a law for this soon. “

The decision to close the madrasas by the BJP government, which is in power in Assam, has come at a time when the state assembly elections are due in the next five months. Therefore, people who understand the politics here are associating this decision of the government with the effort to polarize voters.

Wahiduzzaman, president of the All Assam Madrasa Student Association, says, “There are about one and a half lakh students studying in more than six hundred government madrassas in Assam. Closing the madrasas is an injustice to these students. Himanta Biswa Sarma earlier when he was Minister of Education in Congress government, at that time he spent crores of rupees for the development of Madrasas, but after coming to BJP, he has changed completely.

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