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Know some interesting facts about Dharm Paji on his 85th Birthday

Dharmendra Birthday Special; Know 5 lesser known facts about him
He was one that the versatile actors in Bollywood and he was known as king of cinemas during 70sand 80s. One of the highest paid actors in his era, Dharm Paji won several hearts during his time in industry. Also referred to as ‘Action King’ has seen glorious decades in industryand giving some finest movements to the film industry. Let’s know 5 interesting facts about ‘Garam Dharam’:

1.He hated to go school
Born to a schoolteacher Kerala Kishan SinghDeol and wife Sawant Kaur on 8th December 1935, Dharmendra hated going to school like other kids and he urged his mother not to send him school and he got scolding from his father for not going to school.

2.Dreamt of becoming an actor
He always had a dreamt of becoming an actor and it washis mother with whom he shared about his fascination.His mother suggested him to write a letter toact in film which proved boon for Dharmendra.

Know some interesting facts about Dharm Paji on his 85th Birthday

3.Selection for movie

Adhering to his mother’s suggestion Dharmendra sent an
application to Filmfare’s New Talent Hunt with his pictures . Fortunately, he won the competition and came to Mumbai from Punjab in search of work.

4.Thakur’s role was first offered to him in ‘Sholay’
Sholay was one the iconic films in Bollywoodand one of the memorable films for Dharmendra and Hema Malini.According to a report Dharmendra was keen play the role of Thakur Baldev Singh but when he came to know that Hema Malini has no scene with Thakur and Sanjeev Kumar is going to play Veeru who hadromantic sceneswith Hema Malini asked for inter change of the role andfinally he got role of Veeru. It is said that after this movie Dharmendra proposed Hema Malini for marriage.

5.He converted into Islam
Dharmendra was married to Prakash Kaur in 1954 at ageof 19.He has two sons from his first marriage- Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol, the two sucesssful actors and two daughters – Ajeeta Deol and Vijeeta Deol. He marriedHema Malini in 1980. He was also converted into Islam so that he could stay with his previous wife without having divorce.

By line : Divya Thearia

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