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Know Shilpa Shetty’s reaction on her husband Raj Kundra getting Bail in pornography case

Know Shilpa Shetty’s reaction on her husband Raj Kundra getting Bail in pornography case

Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kundra was arrested on July 19 , as he alleged for shooting Pornographic content which became the biggest controversy on overall media platforms.

Raj Kundra spent almost two months in jail and he was granted bail by Mumbai High court on Monday.

Actor Shilpa Shetty posted a beautiful quote on her instagram story which was originally written by Chinese – American modernist architect Roger Lee “ Rainbows exist to prove that beautiful things can happen after a bad storm” which she posted after her husband got bail from Mumbai High Court.

Shilpa Shetty instagram story

According to the sources Shilpa Shetty’s boy Ravi went to jail with a new pair of cloths for his father Raj Kundra. He changed his clothes and put Teeka on his forehead and then he stepped out of the jail .

He got burst into tears when he stepped out of the jail and avoided all media frenzy and photographers and got into the Mercedes car waiting for him .

Mumbai High Court granted him bail only on surety of Rs 50,000. He was named as ‘Key Conspirator’ in publishing adult content on “Hotshots” or “Bollyfame” app.
Last week, chargesheet was of 1500 pages was filed against Raj Kundra which included Shilpa Shetty’s statement that she was not aware of her husband’s activities as she was busy in her own hectic schedule and didn’t know about “Hotshots” or “Bollyfame” apps linked to porn racket.

However this chargesheet proved to be baseless as it can’t collect much evidence against Raj Kundra in pornography case which implicated that he was allegedly dragged into the case.

Thus, Bombay High Court decided to give him Bail and he was released from jail on morning of 21 September 2021.

By Line: Divya Thearia

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