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Kindergarten Teacher Brings Students On virtual Field Trip To The Zoo

By Devanshi Thakkar

A kindergarten teacher who has gone viral on TikTok before is doing it again, with a pair of videos released over the weekend in which he takes his students to a virtual field trip to the zoo.

If you’re going to school or you have children of that age, then you know how the pandemic has restricted the learning process. Especially for kindergarteners, who really depended on physical interactions. It is a lot harder to teach children the things they need to experience to understand through a screen.

Look here;

But there are amazing teachers who don’t give up and still try to make the Zoom classes exciting. Mr. Talcott is one of those teachers. He shares his teaching methods on social media and one of his TikTok videos gained particular interest when it was shared on Twitter. In this video, Mr. Talcott is showing how he is taking his kindergarten kids to a zoo by showing them around virtually.

Originally shared on TikTok, the video gathered nearly 6.7 million views after being shared on Twitter. “Shoutout to this teacher that took his Kindergarten class on a virtual field trip to the zoo. Teachers are SO underpaid,” reads the caption shared along with the video.

There was also a conversation wondering what kind of Wi-Fi plan enabled him to do the tour, and whether or not he was paying for the data used to make the video out of his own pocket.

But some on Twitter weren’t quite so monocle emoji, with one tweeter, @_RealShante, noting, “Videos like this make me realize how children are losing out on some pivotal moments in their childhood and this teacher trying to make the best of what’s available is why teachers are so important.”

It’s still to be determined what his fans will find better—true love or penguins. (Though from the numbers, it looks like his fans find both to be pretty fantastic.)

A teacher’s profession is not easy, because they have to keep the children engaged, spark an interest in learning, and not only that. Teachers have a huge responsibility because they have so much influence on a child in their formative years, so they have to be careful about what they say as it has powerful impact. It is safe to say that Mr. Talcott is nailing it and the kids in his class are very lucky to have him as a teacher.

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