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KFC drops iconic “Finger Lickin’ Good”slogan amid coronavirus pandemic

Byline by-Vinayak Heliwal

American Fast food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC has decided to suspend its famous slogan “Finger-Lickin’ Good’ due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The slogan is temporarily suspended and is set to feature as part of an ad campaign in certain countries like The United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands South Africa and parts of Asia, with the KFC brand blurring the words “Finger Lickin” out from the company’s iconic motto.

KFC announced on Monday that it will suspend the slogan in its advertising after 64 years. The fast-food chain has acknowledged that the brand needs to move on temporarily from the tagline for now and releases new images of advertising posters and packaging with the words blurred.

 Catherine Tan-Gillespie, global chief marketing officer at KFC said in a statement that “We Find Ourselves in a unique situation -having an iconic slogan that doesn’t quite fit in the current environment”.Further, she also said that the fast-food chain’s menu will remain unchanged.

 KFC also ensures that the slogan would return “when the time is right” The Fast Food chain was closed temporarily in March as a result of the pandemic, but with following Covid-19 guidelines KFC has now reopened the majority of its outlets with ensuring the safety measures.

 KFC is a global chicken restaurant brand that started with one cook, Colonel Harland Sanders who created this mouthwatering ‘finger licking ‘recipe. KFC has now more than 24,000 restaurants around the globe in over 145 countries.

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