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Kate Middleton’s Latest Photo Unleashes Social Media Storm, Igniting Frenzy Among UK Royals’ Fans

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Image Source: Yahoo

The first official image of Princess Kate Middleton of Britain to be made public following her stomach surgery is surrounded in controversy. The Princess and her three kids are shown in the photo. But some news outlets have removed it after discovering that it was altered. To commemorate Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom on Sunday, Kensington Palace shared the picture.

Seated on a garden chair, the beaming Princess of Wales is seen wearing trousers, a jumper and a dark jacket. In the picture are her three children, George, Charlotte, and Louis. The fact that she is not wearing her engagement ring in the picture has sparked debate on social media.


The heir to the British throne, Prince William, took it, according to the Palace, at Windsor. Where Kate has been recovering since her release. The picture was sent with a note that said, “I appreciate all of your well wishes and support over the past two months. Greetings on Mother’s Day to all. The letter “C” stood for Catherine.

News Organisations Remove Image of Kate

The image was removed this morning by three news organisations, AFP, Reuters, and AP, raising concerns about manipulation. However, no such action has yet been taken by PA, the largest news agency in the UK. Which is how the Royal family issues their official notices. Princess Charlotte’s left hand was seen to be out of alignment with her cardigan’s sleeve in the picture. Raising questions about the picture’s legitimacy.

The news agency AFP informed its clients that “it has come to light that the Handout issued by Kensington Palace today of Kate and the kids had been altered, therefore it was withdrawn from AFP systems.” According to the BBC, Kensington Palace has declined to comment on the news organisations’ decision to remove the photo.

The Princess was photographed for the first time without her engagement ring, and many users pointed out that the Royal family had shared an AI-generated photo of her. “Comms shouldn’t have if the #princessofwales picture is from this past week, as the palace maintains. ensure that she was wearing her engagement ring? Like, you can be sure that people will focus on that. A person commented, “Yeah, PW supposedly took the photo, but COME on.”


Speculation Surrounds Kate’s Absence

Kate’s disappearance from the public eye has sparked a lot of conjecture and bizarre conspiracy theories. When she underwent her operation, the Palace had stated that she was “unlikely to return to public duties until after Easter” and that her procedure had nothing to do with cancer. King Charles, her father-in-law, received a cancer diagnosis early this year. In December, the future queen was last seen on camera visiting her family’s Sandringham church.

She underwent stomach surgery on January 16, was admitted to the hospital, and released on January 29. Since then, the palace has only produced one official family photo, which it shared yesterday. She was last spotted last Monday being driven in a car. The Daily Mail and The Sun, among other UK publications, decided not to publish the images.

Author- Anshika Sharma

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