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Karanvir Bohra Promises To Launch This Bigg Boss12 Contestant In Bollywood

Karanvir Bohra is one of the most loved Bigg Boss 12 contestant after Dipika Kakar. In fact, even in the house, whenever there is a fight the actor tries to calm both the parties down and come up with a better solution. Recently, we have also seen the angry version of him inside the house during tasks. In an unseen footage, while talking to Urvashi Vani, he told her that she has a great scope in the music industry if she gets the right training. The two were talking about music for a while when KVB told her that he will definitely help her out after Bigg Boss 12.

Urvashi finds it a little difficult to believe him though. She tells him that she is not on Facebook and asks him how he’ll even manage to find her. KVB asks her to not worry about that and assures her that they will definitely meet after the show. They then talk about how Urvashi has a unique voice and she can go places if given the right training. KVB promises to find a good tutor for her and tells her that she has a voice worthy of singing in a Bollywood film.

Urvashi entered the show as Deepak Thakur’s partner and a lot of people have been telling her that she sort of fades away when Deepak is hogging the limelight with his fights. Urvashi is one of the contestants that fans love watching and her innocence seems to be working for her and covering up for Deepak’s shenanigans in the house. Will KVB keep his promise to help launch Urvashi in Bollywood? Stay tuned with us to find out.

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