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Jennifer Aniston lands in controversy over her Christmas ornament that commemorates ‘Our First Pandemic’

Byline By- Vinayak Heliwal

Jennifer Aniston became a trending topic on Saturday, December 26 after she shared an Instagram post on Friday showing a Christmas ornament engraved with the message ‘Our first pandemic 2020’.

The former ‘Friends’ actress 51 shared a photo of one of her tree decorations which was a disk made of wood with the words ‘Our First Pandemic 2020’ engraved onto it.

Jennifer also didn’t post any further comment or caption on where she had got the bauble commemorating the coronavirus pandemic and the worldwide shutdowns and why she held it up in front of her Christmas tree for the photo.

Meanwhile, the decoration didn’t go down well with all her fans as they sparked mixed reactions for the picture.

While some Netizens called out the actress for ignoring the innumerable losses and unprecedented challenges brought on by the Novel coronavirus pandemic, some seemed to connect with Aniston’s Instagram story post of the Christmas ornament.

Some of her fans even defended Aniston and her post pointing out that she had previously shared Instagram posts expressing empathy towards victims of COVID-19 and urged people to wear face masks and follow public health guidelines.

Check out their reactions-

As of now, Anniston had not publicly responded to these criticisms.

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