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No Fear No Favour

It’s True That Dogs Are More Loyal Than People, This Time They Are Discipline As Well.

Pepper is the most discipline and charming dog you will ever meet. And her expressions are pretty enough to make u fall in love.
The dog pepper and her auntie are being loved on the internet and it all started when aunty asked her nephew Tommy Rivers to look after Pepper for a day. Tommy was surprised to find out that the doggie came with some hilarious set of rules.

Tommy was left with a pretty detailed note by the aunt, telling everything and even more than the nephew needed to know. The note starts by describing Pepper as the prettiest girl in the world, and ends with the remark ‘don’t you hate her cause you ain’t her’.
The cute facial expressions are like as she knows just how damn pretty she looks. And not just the expression even the doggie has accessorised with purple attachments to her ears and tail making her the prettiest.

The internet couldn’t handle it and kept asking for updates on the dog.

For which Tommy posted an adorable photo of pepper in pyjamas “you made her really happy and now she’s going to bed”.

The folks got smitten with the cuteness. Here are some of the comments celebrating the overwhelming cuteness.

BY: Simran Dhingra

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