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It’s Not Your Gym That Needs To Be Blamed, But Your Cooking Habit

Have you been doing all sorts of Yoga, Asanas, Pranayams and even have the membership of that fancy gym that is in your neighbourhood and still can’t able to get into the perfect shape you had once. Maybe, it’s not the exercise that needs to be focused on but the eating style.

 Yes. The cooking style does have an impact on your ever increasing body weight.

So, here are a few cooking mistakes you must completely avoid if you want to stop gaining weight, have a look.

1)      Avoid Using Extra Salt:

Who would have thought adding salt in the food would increase your weight. But the research has proved that right. Salt should be added in a moderate amount. Salt have a tendency to retain water to itself and result in weight gain.

 So, the next time beware while adding salt.

2)      Choosing the right kind of oil:

Oil has been the main reason behind the weight gain, but choosing the right kind of oil will surely help you reduce weight. Choose the oil which is low in trans-fats and cholesterol.

 This, not only will reduce your weight, but also help you in maintaining low cholesterol level. This is not considered good for the heart.

3)      Reusing the same oil:

Indians have a mentality of re-using a thing until it can’t be used further. And same rule is applied in cooking.

If you’re reusing the cooking the oil, then it’s the biggest mistake you have been doing till now. Avoid re-using the same oil multiple times to fry ingredients, as old oil can contain a lot more trans-fat than fresh oil.

4)      Over Cooking your veggies:

As the saying goes, “The more veggies your plate has, more nutritional it will be.” The saying is true in itself. But sometimes we overlook the fact that while cooking them. The research has shown that overcooking vegetables can actually break down the nutrients, making them significantly less healthful than raw ones.

Vitamins can degrade during an extended cooking process. Instead of boiling your broccoli, try tossing it in the microwave to warm it up, a technique that has been shown to keep some of those good vitamins and nutrients in.

5)      Overloading with toppings:

Be mindful of what you add to dishes at a serving time as well, or you could wind up overdoing it. Topping pasta dishes with extra cheese and sour cream is a highway to bad habits. The same goes for adding loads of cheese to your salad or pouring sauce over everything.

 If the temptation is too great, leave the condiments and toppings in the fridge. Choose fresh herbs or spinach as a garnish instead. 

So, avoid these cooking mistakes the next time you head into the kitchen to make food of your choice.

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