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It Will Be History Now. When Roads Will Be Named After Politicians Only

Most of us talk about women empowerment, but what we have really done for women to encourage them or to pave their way for future.

Many people give lectures on women empowerment, but there only a few of them who really thought to encourage women.

Here is a story of Juri Village from Jharkhand have initiated commendable steps to support the educated girls of their village.

It’s a tribal-dominated state in eastern India, which has set a new example for the country.

Sumita Bhattacharya, Baisakhi Gope, Mani Mala Sikdar and Sunita Gope. These are not just names of girls, but also the names of lanes in a Jharkhand village.

The village initiated to promote girls’ education, which has already named its lane after the most educated girls in the village.The children have to travel 3 km every day to reach the nearest high school, and 30 km to reach a college in Jamshedpur which has no direct communication link to the village. Juri has a single government school where 300 students are taught by 5 teachers.

According to English Daily report, the first girl selected by the village women’s committee was Sumita Bhattacharya, and a Sumita Bhattacharya Gali (lane) was dedicated to her. A 23-year old, she is the most educated girl in the village.

A regular girl in her early 20s, Sumita never dreamt that a lane would be named after her. She doesn’t believe to have achieved a lot in her life, but the honour has encouraged her to further her goals and pursue higher education. Currently, Sumita is enrolled for a post graduation degree in history from Women’s College, Jamshedpur.

The main objective of the village administration is to encourage girls to study. A woman herself, village mukhiya (head) Savitri Sardar hopes that this model spreads to other villages in the state as well.

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