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It Took MP Police 48 Years To Crack A Case, Only To Learn That The Accused Died 21 Years Ago!

A bizarre incident in Madhya Pradesh added another feather to the cap in the already deteriorating image of Madhya Pradesh police. Madhya Pradesh police took 48 years to arrest an accused in a theft case, and when the police reached the doorsteps of the accused with pride, only to be left red-faced after knowing the harsh reality. The accused which the police was looking for 48 years had died 21 years ago. Yes, you read it right.

The case dates back to 1969, where a case was filed against the suspect who was accused of stealing an electric wire in Bhind districts in Chambal region of the state. The value of the stolen wire was estimated at Rs 10 back then.

The MP electricity board filed the complaint with Madhya Pradesh police and suspect was named. The case also reached to Supreme Court of India. The court issued the arrest warrant against the accused. However, the suspect, Mahadev, remains untraced.

The case saw the day of the light when the recent order came to dispose of all the old arrest warrants that had not been executed. This order led the police to the doorsteps of the accused, only to find him dead 21 years ago.

“The permanent arrest warrant was issued by the court in this case in 2005. Recently, when the drive to execute pending warrants was initiated afresh, once again efforts to trace him began,” a Bhind police official who didn’t want to be named told Huffington Post.

“The problem was that there was confusion about the suspect’s identity. When the case was registered, perhaps the attention was not given to it as it may have been considered a minor theft case. Hence, there was no other information about Mahadev, which is a common name, unless address or father’s name is known,” the police official said.

The officer later told that the police was succeeded in finding the accused earlier this month, but when police reached to nab Mahadeb Kushwaha who was a resident of the Good town, it learned that he had died in 1995.

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