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No Fear No Favour

“It is an attack on farmer’s soul.” Said Congress MP Pratap Singh Bajwa on New Farmer Sector Bills.

By Ishank Katyal

Since Rajya Sabha released New Agriculture Bill 2020 in which BJP claims to open agriculture market to benefit small and marginal farmers. This decision lead to protests in Chandigarh by Haryana wing of Bhartiya Kisaan Union (BSU) after central government’s refusal to withdraw this new farm bill.

Congress MP Pratap Singh Bajwa from Gurdaspur, Punjab called this new bill an “attack on the farmer’s soul” and said his party would not sign “death warrant for farmers.” “Congress party rejects this bill… We will not sign on this death warrant of farmers… Farmers don’t want this benefit that you claim are for them, then why are you trying to force feed them,” Bajwa said in today’s Monsoon Session.

“Farmers are not illiterate. They understand that this is a way to do away with MSP (Minimum Support Price). Once this is passed … slowly, the government will come out of this and then Ambani, Adani and big corporate houses will enter (market),” the Congress MP said and also compared the bill with how East India Company and Portuguese invaded India.

Bajwa also called the bills “ill- timed” and “ill- conceived” as agriculture and markets are state issues and are against the federal corporative societies.

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