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Isn’t it a Dream Green Gaadi

Streets of Delhi where citizens, in their air pollution masks, make their way through heavy smog, Delhiites look clueless and powerless to deal with this public health emergency. While the national capital is waking up to smog-ridden toxic days, other cities in the country are no stranger to this experience. Breathing the air is to be like smoking 50 cigarettes one day.


The IMA has suggested closing down of schools and urged people not to venture out.

Two young professionals, fed up from the toxic smog hanging over Delhi, spent one year researching how to convert cars into “Green Gaddis.” Now, they want to improve and spread their unique green initiative idea.

Gaurav Ahuja and Khusboo Rastogi have come up with a unique initiative idea called ‘GREEN GADDIS’
According to them” Green Gaadi is a social enterprise to promote the concept of trees plantation. We found a vacuum space available. So, we just started planting on cars.”

The plantation on car roof act as portable purifiers and Delhiites can drive around with feeling guilty about contributing to the pollution.
The main goal of Team Green Gaddi is to turn the existing transportation system into a plantation site where a vehicle can get oxygen generating species on its rooftop and in the process create more oxygen.


BY: Mini Singh


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