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Is the CBI probe in the Sushant Singh Rajput case is casting a shadow on Bihar Elections?

By Line: Kavya Madaan

As a matter of fact, famous actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s mysterious suicide has sent everyone in a dilemma. Everyone wants to know the truth about the loss that happened in the Bollywood industry. We lost such a great actor who gave so many hit films. But unfortunately, Mumbai police were not taking serious actions, many rumors were spread about every incident due to which many protests on social media happened which demanded CBI inquiry for his case.

Now the CBI has accepted the case in the supreme court, but this has put an impact on Bihar elections as well because Sushant’s case was popping up every day in the media.

Now, due to the mistake of the NCP party of Maharashtra, a big favor has been done and given to the BJP party.

A huge favor to NDA party has been given because they promised to give justice to the famous actor that came from Bihar, Modi government made a huge statement about providing justice to the fans as well as the family of Sushant Singh Rajput.

The inquiry would be done in a manner that will take place till Bihar elections, but with the media being a watchdog on this case, some of the things and some evidence would be leaked so that the benefit to the State legislative assembly would be provided without any stop.

If there would be any evidence found against the big celebrities in Bollywood by the CBI investigation, then the Modi government would be able to manipulate the big stars as well and would enter the Bollywood as well which will benefit it a lot.

If CBI would not be able to find any proof or evidence in the case, the whole matter will come on the Mumbai police about hiding the facts and shreds of evidence about the case so that no impression about CBI should be made.

Now in conclusion the opposition parties have given a chance to the Modi government, to shine again in the media and do the work which the public is demanding. Every opposition party wants to take down the government but they are giving the “golden spoon” and feeding themselves.

With the Bihar police landing in Mumbai but still was not given a chance to investigate properly. With the BJP going with their demand for “justice for Sushant “ the rival RJD has also joined the bandwagon.

The CBI report may take six months to a couple of years to complete. By then, the election would be over in Bihar, a new government would be in place and people’s agitated nerves for their beloved SUSHANT SINGH RAJPUT would have lost the sharpness of the present.

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