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Is it justified to spend INR 4cr on flower decoration for Trump’s visit to India?

The friendship of India and the United States is going to more concrete this February. A lot of government deals will be on the table. The president of the United States of America is coming to India. Modi government is planning to spend approx 4 Cr. on flowers to welcome the guest. In this tour, they both will inaugurate the stadium in Ahmadabad. The Ministry of Home Affairs will talk to trump over the availability of weapons.

Earlier PM Modi went to the US and the people of the USA welcomed him in a very creative way “Howdy Modi”. Similarly, this time India will welcome President Trump in the “Kem Cho” style. People are appreciating Modi for this tour. This is the sign of development. The people of Ahmadabad have different kind of energy regarding this tour as they are going to inaugurate the world’s biggest stadium in their hometown.

After this, they have roadshow for the citizens of Ahmadabad so we can surely say that this is going to be a wonderful experience for the local people of Ahmadabad.

At the same time, Shiv Sena said that the arrangements for the US president show the slave mentality of India. Trump’s visit to India looks like the Badshah (emperor). Earlier the king or queen used to visit like this. They also said that “the trump is not someone who is wise or who cares for the whole world but we should treat him with respect, not with an overwhelming gesture that will turn out to be a pain in our country’s economy.

The Public is also raising the questions on Modi government that is it necessary to spend this much money on flowers? They are saying that if the same amount of money will spend on the development of the country then the result will something else.

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