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Is Hardik Pandya ‘Ranveer Singh’ of cricket?

If there is anything that cricketer Hardik Pandya does more often than hitting spinners for sixes then it is changing his hairstyle. He is probably even ahead of his captain Virat Kohli when it comes to experimentation with looks. The all-rounder remains in headlines either owing to his smashing on-field performances or through his ever-changing looks.

The all-rounder recently shared a photo on social media that brought him a series of mixed reactions. While some liked his look, others were quick to bluntly disapprove.

The young cricketer not only surprises fans with different hairstyles but makes sure they are funky and quirky enough to become a talking point on social media. He seems to be unfazed even if the hairstyle gets him troll.

Captioned “Don’t be afraid of change… it’s leading you to a new beginning,” the first post features Pandya posing with a phone in one hand and a napkin with a number written on it in the other. With a smirk on his face and a winking pose, it seems the cricketer it up to something. Check out the picture here.

What followed this was something Pandya must have already anticipated just like he anticipates where the spinner is going to pitch the ball. But the bold cricketer still went ahead with it.

What’s more, he even got himself compared with celebs having eccentric fashion sense.


To be fair, there were few who appreciated his look as well:

What do you think Guys? Is Pandya really inspired from Ranveer Singh? If Yes, then do comment it in the below section.

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