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‘Who is SP’: BJP questions ‘leaked’ photo of Ashok Gehlot’s note to Sonia Gandhi

Edited By:- Vikas Mavi

1 October 2022(New Delhi): A photograph of ‘secret’ notes carried by Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot during his meeting with Congress President Sonia Gandhi has gone viral on social media. Gehlot concluded his eloquent speech by apologising to Sonia Gandhi for the Rajasthan debacle and announcing his withdrawal from the party’s presidential nomination.

Is BJP trying to entice MLAs?

The photo of a note with the words “SP will leave the party” prompted the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to ask, “Who is SP?” The notes with the pointers, photographed by Malayala Manorama photographer Suresh Jayaprakash, show Gehlot had come fully prepared to present his side of the story. According to Manorama, it is clear from the photo that Gehlot jotted down a few points before meeting with Sonia Gandhi.

These are some Pointers

Among the points are: Sachin Pilot has only 18 MLAs backing him, while Ashok Gehlot has 102. “The BJP tried to entice MLAs away with offers ranging from 10 to 50 crore,” the report said. “SP will leave pehle report dete toh party ke liye achcha hota (If observers had given a report earlier, it would have been good for the party)” read one of them. Another pointer said, “Pehla pradesh adhyaksh jisne sarkaar girane ki poori koshish ki (The first state president who tried everything to destabilise the government),” and a third said, “102 versus SP + 18.”

Poonawalla shared a screenshot on Twitter

BJP spokesperson Shehzad Poonawalla tweeted a screenshot of the photo and asked, “Who is the SP mentioned in Ashok Gehlot’s ‘leaked note’ (deliberately visible note)? Jodo Congress jodo…Bharat to Juda hua hai ji.” The meeting between Gehlot and Sonia Gandhi took place on Thursday amid the Rajasthan crisis — before Gehlot announced that he would not be contesting in the Congress presidential election.

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