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Internet trolls Sonam Kapoor discussing value of money in viral video

15th March 2023 (New Bollywood actor Sonam Kapoor is getting brutally trolled for an old video that is going viral. In the video, Sonam Kapoor can be seen speaking talking about the “importance of money”. In the video, Sonam Kapoor can be heard saying, “My mom always tells me, I don’t give too much weight to money because I have always had it. I don’t know what it is not to have.” 
[15/03, 10:02 pm] Divya: “I have never given too much importance to money. It is never about money,” she further said. Sonam was responding to a question and confessed that she has dated people in the past who are not as well off as she is “on paper”. 
The video was shared on Instagram by a page. It was sarcastically captioned as, “I’m just a simple down to earth girl ya.”
[15/03, 10:02 pm] Divya: The video has gone viral and is being shared by netizens who are trolling Sonam Kapoor for her point of view. One user wrote, “She’s got a point but she didn’t say it properly here. Basically, she is telling the audience the reason she is egoistic, spoiled, and has an attitude is because she has money.” 
Another user commented, “I usually get very insecure about my intelligence when I see the people around me…Thank you Sonam Kapoor for making me feel better. You’re a true Shero.” One other user wrote, “The most TONE DEAF person to ever exist.”

This is not the first time that Sonam has been trolled for her remarks. In another viral video, Sonam Kapoor could be seen in conversation with Rajkummar Rao. In the video, she asked Rajkumar Rao about his opinion on nepotism. 
Sonam then went on to cut Rajkummar Rao off and started narrating how she faced problems as a star kid. Sonam said that she wanted to assist Sanjay Leela Bhansali when she first entered the industry but her father did not know him so he told her to work with another director.

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