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Internet Star, Poker Player and PlayBoy, Dan Bilzerian Posts Cryptic French Wedding Photos, Fans Intrigued!

Written By: Aashish Vashistha

In Picture: Dan Bilzerian in french wedding picture.

July 25, 2022 (New Delhi): Dan Bilzerian who is a poker star and an internet star who is widely followed by youth. On Monday, Dan shared a photo with a cryptic wedding message. He posted that photo on Instagram while holding the hand of a woman in bridal dress. He wrote alongside, “I finally did it.” Bilzerian is known for his playboy looks and his posts are so popular among youngsters. However, After his wedding picture went viral, his 33 million followers couldn’t be sure of anything. Expectedly, they left some funny comments such as ‘You finally wore pants?’ and ‘Thank god, less competition.’

Here’s The Link Of His Instagram Post.

Bilzerian became a worldwide name after his videos at the Las Vegas Shooting Site surfaced. Millions across the world watched them and hence he got popularity. Apparently, he asked a police staff for their gun. He has acted in films such as The Equalizer, Cat Run 2, Lone Survivor, Extraction and War Dogs. Most of his cinema roles are uncredited.

In Picture: Dan Bilzerian

For those who are not aware, Bilzerian is an Armenian citizen since 2018, and was once voted the funniest player in the game of poker. He was an American citizen before 2018. Coming from a family of wealth, he also announced his bid to run for the US Presidential Elections in 2016, but later gave his support to Donald Trump.

However, As of now, the billionaire businessman has not yet issued any statement offering clarification about his marriage. Also, he has not even tagged the woman in the photo with whom he is seen walking down the aisle and there is no other context beyond the geotag French Riveria. This could mean he is playing a prank on his followers, which he is famous for.

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