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No Fear No Favour

#Instalie: This video explains why everything that seems perfect on Instagram, is not in real-life.

We all are living in the age of social media, and because of this we are living two different lives, one is our real life, and other is where everything seems perfect.

Good looking pictures of school friends with a caption “FriendsForever”. Loving pictures of girlfriend or boyfriend, hashtag #RelationshipGoals. And a gym selfie, to inform others that you are living a healthy life. #GymGoals.

If you’re guilty of living an Insta Lie or know somebody that is, then this video is most certainly for you

What is Insta Lie?

Insta Lie (verb): an intentionally false representation of real life on social media. Examples include:

1.) Tagging an edited and made-up selfie with #IWokeUpLikeThis;
2.) Taking a million selfies before deciding on just one to post as #Effortless 😕;
3.) Going all the way to Starbucks, buying a coffee and opening up your Macbook – taking a photo of your #WorkSpace, closing your MacBook and then going back home;
4.) Using filters to edit your travel photos – making them literally look #Unreal.

So, if you also equate your life based on happy, shiny photos on social media, you need to watch this very honest, eye-opening video:

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