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No Fear No Favour

Indians use more data than USA and China combined.

In last few years, internet has become a common place for shoppers, those who seek entertainment, anyone who does an office job, students, housewife, almost everyone.

Recently, Amitabh Kant who is CEO of Niti Aayog has tweeted the fact that Indians use 150 crore gigabytes data per month.

But this tweet has raised a lot of question among the thinkers on twitter and in the country alike. Like on everything, people have different and interesting opinions on this tweet. Amitabh did not mention the source of this information which people have requested. This arises a question on its credibility. And it makes room for another question that, can’t this be a mere tweet to boost the campaigns like Digital India and Make In India by Modi’s special friend.

Some expected dew credits were paid to the JIO for revolutionizing the availability of internet in India.

But if the fact is correct, here’s a little insight what might be one of the many reasons –
According to the biggest porn website on internet, India is the biggest consumer of pornography worldwide.

I am not saying it is the only reason. But it surely contributed.

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