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Indians beat global audience in Netflix-ing

Tired of catching people red-handed peeping at your phone while travelling? Well, that’s something which is quite common among Indians, reveals a new data survey from Netflix.

Enchantingly enough, Indians, according to this Netflix survey are believed to watch an awful lot of their TV shows in public.

Do you also, watch a scene or two before going to bed, or a bit more during your local commute to and from the workplace? Well enough, that’s what we call it cinematic comfort food, aided by the mammoth size and glossy rectangles of his smartphone screen and the fact that we can watch the drama of our favourite on Amazon Prime anytime we want.

We are among the highest public “bingers in the world”, with a whopping 88% of Indian streaming users watching their Netflix shows in a public area. This rate far ahead of the global average (67%) is because of having better smartphone screens than we do television sets.

What also drives up the Netflix average is the fact that most Indian families using Netflix have one account and one television set in the house, while every member binges at their own pace on their own phones.

Netflix comes with an added option of allowing the house makers to socialize with family and guests all evening and compulsively catch up on her soaps late at night on her phone.

The frantic marathon of the entire run of a season of your favourite series on the phone can cause increasingly a common malady of “smartphone blindness.”

Your eyes aren’t quite ready to take the brightness up too high when watching in the dark, so moderate watching is what suggested for.

Life in India comes with a lot of waiting built in- waiting in line, waiting in offices, waiting for things to get done and waiting to get to places we should be at much sooner and with this never ending wait comes to a binge-watch session.

Indians binge-watch on trains constantly—65%, compared to the global average of 31%.

The findings established that all this bingeing on the go is affecting social interaction. 25% of the people surveyed said they missed their train/bus stop because they were so caught up in what they were watching.

More than half the viewers in India have noticed someone else looking into their screens. A startling 50% of Indian viewers say they struck up a conversation with a stranger after the stranger happened to see what they were watching.

Netflix-ing-What an amazing way to ice-break or initiate a conversation!

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