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Indian Democracy is under very serious threat – Ranjan Gogoi over allegation of rape charges on him

Today chief justice Ranjan Gogoi said “Independence of judiciary is under very very serious threat. I had to tell this from the judicial seat,” he said this at the bench of supreme court consisting of Justice Justice Arun Mishra and Justice Sanjiv Khanna. CJ also added that the women has filed a false case when she was refused her advances.

CJ Ranjan Gogoi was charged of sexually harassing a junior court assistant in the month of October. The 35-year women was working at the residence of Ranjan Gogoi as junior assistant. Right after filing a case against Gogoi, she was was terminated from her post. Her Husband and brother in law has been suspended from the post of Head Constable at Delhi. Her another brother-in-law who was assigned junior court attendant post at Gogoi’s recommendation is also being terminated from his post.

Ranjan Gogoi, while exculpating his side said that “He had never practice any bad tactics throughout his profession and filing a case against me for such a shameful charge is really a matter of deep concern for Indian Judicial System. I’ve never taken bribe or given any decision in the court for the sake of favouritism this is the reason why my overall bank balance till date is around just six lakhs.”

There has not been any other statement made by CJ Ranjan Gogoi and currently Gogoi is avoiding every press conversation. As per, when they reached Gogoi’s residence for the sake getting an statement from CJ Gogoi’s side. He refused to address any statement in front of media. Whereas, his secretory said that “allegation on CJ Gogoi sir is completely and absolutely false and scurrilous, the woman was employed at Chief Justice Gogoi’s residence office for a short duration as a matter of routine, and was dismissed from service as per procedure.

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