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India is ready to create history again with Gaganyaan

Çhaandrayan 3
Recently India created history by reaching the moon South side mission was called Chaandrayan 3 Now Isro is ready to create history again with the Gaganyan mission
Gaganyaan mission It’s super exciting! Gaganyaan is India’s first manned space mission, aiming to send astronauts into space. Recently, the Union Minister of Science and Technology informed that the human spaceflight module of Gaganyaan will be launched after the second unmanned mission 2 or 3-member team
The Gaganyaan mission aims to carry a crew of two to three astronauts into a low Earth orbit for a duration of about five to seven days. This will be a major step towards India’s goal of establishing a sustainable human spaceflight program.
The success of the Gaganyaan mission will not only be a proud moment for India but also a significant milestone in the global space exploration community. It will showcase India’s technological prowess and its commitment to pushing the boundaries of space exploration.

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