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In this digital age, Sanay a student from Pune is bringing the charm of fountain pen back

In this digital age where things are available on clicks and where people are adapting new techniques like slates have been replaced by I-pads, balckboard has been replaced by digital classrooms.

Instead of writing notes on registers, people have started writing on their MS word in Laptop, which they can carry anywhere and it has become compact for them.

Sanay Shah a student from Pune who has come up with a purpose to bring old days back,  his primary motive is to bringe desi fountain pens into the spotlight. He told web portal, “If you Google fountain pens, you will get brands like Lamy, Parker and Sheaffer, among others. These are great brands, and some of their basic pens are affordable. But the good ones are prohibitively expensive.”

On the other hand, Indian pen companies are on the wane. With declining markets, many are shutting down and the rest are struggling to stay afloat. In most cases, only older pen makers are involved in the business.

Sanay rues that pen makers around the country are gradually shutting shop. His go-to shop in Pune, Kale Pens recently shut shop and the pen maker at Kim& Co was 80 when they last met. Though studies and career pursuits are keeping him busy, Sanay dedicates himself to reading up about pens and staying informed.

He hopes to return to pen making in the future, but in the meantime he’s happy to do his part in encouraging people to use fountain pens and promote Indian businesses.

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