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In Saudi Arabia, teen gets arrested for doing the ‘Macarena in the middle of Jeddah crosswalk

Who can forget 90’s hit song “Macarena”?. Not just for the 90’s kids but for generations to come, the song will be as good as an anthem.

But for one Saudi teen, the ‘Hey Macarena’ move, with his hands up in the air, led to his arrest on the grounds of “improper public behavior” and disrupting traffic.

In the video, which is now viral, the teen was seen dancing on Macarena in the middle of the crosswalk, five lanes of cars stopped at traffic light.

Earlier this month police arrested and released a Saudi singer for using the ‘dab’ move in an onstage dance. Abdallah al-Shahani appeared on a viral video performing the dance at a music festival in the city of Taif in southwestern Saudi Arabia.

The dance had been banned in the Kingdom by the National Committee for Drug Control, on the grounds that it advocated or encouraged drug abuse, according to Saudi media.

Saudis are among the most active users of social media in the Arab world, using the Internet as an outlet for debate and interaction in their deeply conservative society.

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