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IMA writes to BCCI, suggests pollution be taken as playing criteria


The Indian Medical Association has urged the BCCI to consider atmospheric pollution as a criterion before hosting a cricket match. “If rain and poor light are taken into consideration when determining suitable playing conditions, we suggest that atmospheric pollution should now also be included in the assessing criteria for a match,” ANI quoted the Indian Medical Association.

“Greatly troubled about the recent cricket match between India and Sri Lanka in Delhi played under conditions of high levels of air pollution,” it added. “Air pollution also reduces the performance of the athletes. In a situation where milliseconds and millimetres often determine the success of athletes, air pollution can be an important factor in affecting their performance,” it further added.



Earlier the Indian Medical Association had issued a warning that playing in such conditions put athletes’ health at serious risk. However, the BCCI refused to pay attention to the issue and instead accused the Lankans of making a big fuss about the entire matter. This was even after PM2.5 soared to hazardous levels. BCCI acting president CK Khanna said, “If 20,000 people in the stands did not have a problem and the Indian team did not face any issue, I wonder why Sri Lankan team made a big fuss. I will need to talk to the secretary and ask him to write to the Sri Lanka Cricket.”

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