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“I’ll fight for truth and justice until my my last breath – Navjot Singh Sidhu”

I’ll fight for truth and justice until my my last breath - Navjot Singh Sidhu​

Navjot Singh Sidhu has given a big statement after resigning from the post of Punjab Congress President. He released a video saying that his resignation is on the question of morality and interests of Punjab. I will not compromise with them. Till the last breath of my life, I will fight for the truth and the interests of Punjab. Neither I will mislead the high command nor will I allow it to happen.

He said that I will continue to fight for the cause of improving the lives of the people of Punjab. My fight is not a personal fight, it is a fight for rights and issues. No position was important and will continue to be so. I will follow the Guru’s ideals and the path shown.

Navjot Singh Sidhu put his stand on his resignation by putting a video on his Twitter handle on Wednesday. Sidhu said that for me, not the position, the principle and the motive are important. I cannot compromise on morality and interests of Punjab. Sidhu said he cannot mislead the Congress high command. I have not misled the Congress leadership.

Sidhu said – I will stick and fight, if everyone goes, then go. He said that tainted officers cannot be tolerated by the watchmen of Punjab. Responsibility is being given to those who give clean chit to Badals. The person who got the blanket bail to Sumedh Saini was put as AG. Those who destroyed the wombs of mothers, those who oppress children are being made the watchmen of Punjab.

Sidhu said that the interests of Punjab are above all for me and I cannot explain to him. He raised questions on the appointment of the new Advocate General (AG) and Acting DGP of Punjab. He said that those who gave protection to those guilty of sacrilege and fought their cases are being appointed. He said that the situation in Punjab is the same as it was during the time of Captain Amarinder Singh. He has also raised questions on the deployment of some officers.

The old attitude of Navjot Singh Sidhu is seen in the video. Sidhu said that for me there is no position above principles, morals and interests of Punjab. When the situation remains the same even after the change, then there is no point and meaning in continuing in the post.

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