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IIT Delhi becomes a “SANSKARI” Institute

One of the premier Engineering institutes IIT Delhi has now become the Indian Institute of Fashion Technology as well.

As IIT Delhi has directed the Girls what to wear.IIT Delhi which is known for producing engineers.Now it has become a Sanskari Institute.

On Tuesday a girls’ hostel in IIT-Delhi has asked its residents to wear ‘full covered decent western or Indian dresses’ on the House Day, which is on 20 April

House day is an event where hostel residents are allowed invite guests in their hostel premises for an hour. Signed by the warden, the bizarre notice has been put up at Himadri hostel.

Meanwhile, a former student who was a resident of the same Himadri hostel told the daily that there is nothing new in such diktats as earlier too they were given such bizarre notices. However, no one followed it neither a single student was punished for not abiding by it.

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