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No Fear No Favour

If you work in OYO, this article is a must read!

Byline By- Aaliya Sultana

As the second wave of the pandemic hits India harshly, entrepreneurs and founders have been trying to find a way to help their employees and their workers as to get them through the struggles happening due to the pandemic.

Yesterday, Ritesh Agarwal who is the founder and CEO of Oyo Rooms tweeted about well-being of OYOpreneurs and their family. He said that some of his colleagues didn’t win the battle of COVID-19. Hence, they are extending their support by making a bereavement for them which will act as a support in their kin.

He said that OYO will be paying full salaries for 8 months and term insurance payout which will be equal to three years of their annual pay. Secondly, they will be assisting the education of their kids for 5 years. Lastly, they will be extending group medical coverage to spouse and kids.

He continued by saying ‘the battle against COVID is far from over but I hope these initiatives will help ease out the difficulties for the families. We know it’s not easy to lose your loved one but irrespective of the circumstance we will support our OYOpreneurs & their kin in every possible way.’

Along with this, 200 OYO volunteers in more than 50 cities will help the current employees and COVID support & resources like oxygen concentrators and medical supplies will be given to OYO Alumni & their families.

He ended the thread by saying ‘We won’t stop here. In addition to our existing COVID employee policies, we want to do more, not just for OYOpreneurs but also for our extended OYO family. Now more than ever we need to support those who built OYO into what it is today.’

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