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If things are not going well in your house, Try this for ‘Miracle’ !

Is not all well in your relationship? Are you getting into trouble at your work place daily? Don’t worry, Hindu Mythology has all the cures to your problems.

While some of us believe in God and his existence firmly, there are also some who question it. Atheists, what they want themselves to be called. We generally remember God when we are in some kind of trouble and need some magic to take place for getting them fixed. 

We all know Hindu religion is unique in itself.  A total no. of 33 crores of gods and goddesses are there in Hindu religion and all of them have their unique significance. There are thousands of ways prescribed in Hindu scriptures of how you can please the God you worship. Lighting a diya in front of him/her is one of them.

 Lighting a Diya in front of the God we worship is more or less a part of Hindu Culture. The Puja we offer to our God remains incomplete without it. But do you know lighting a Diya in front of these Gods can get you out of so many troubles? 

Don’t worry in this article we will tell you how and what lamp you should offer to the lord. 

If you are suffering from some kind of disease and you want to be fine as soon as possible then you should light a Diya in front of Sun God every day.

Are you still single and looking for a partner? Or are you married but everything is not well in your married life? If such is your case then you should light a Diya in front of a picture of Radha-Krishna every evening. 

At your home and your workplace, place an idol of Ganesha. Light a diya in front of him once in the morning and once in the evening. This will bring peace and prosperity in your house and office and will keep chaos away.

If your business is at continued loss or you still have a promotion pending, than you should light a Diya in front of Lord Kuber. It will make you get over the financial woes you are having.

If domestic disputes is your concern, and you want to settle them all then you should light a diya in front of Ram Darbar (A photo of lord Ram, Laxman, Sita and Hanuman). It will bring peace and tranquility to your home and family.

We all know how important it is to have a sound sleep every night to have a good day ahead. If you suffer from recurring nightmares, then lighting a diya in front of the “Panchmukhi” version of Lord Hanuman will help you sleep peacefully every night, without any fear.

 Finally, if none of your problems are getting resolved after all kinds of efforts and trying, then it could be a sign of your past life sins playing up. To counter this, light a ghee lamp in front of Lord Shiva every evening. Shiva can do what no one else can.

 Some important tips that you should follow:

While lighting adiya, you should always use three wicks which symbolize the holy Trinity- Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati

  • Often, while lighting the lamp, we get some oil on our hands. Do not wipe this with your hair or dress — this will make you lose wealth and will bring bad luck. Instead, keep a spare piece of cloth there for this purpose.
  • In case you are lighting a lamp straight after taking a bath, make sure that you remove your head towel before you do so. Change into a cotton dress when you light a lamp.
  • Always use mustered oil or Ghee for lighting up the lamps. Never use ground nut or sun flower oil otherwise it will cause financial loss to you.
  • Never light your Diya in the south direction of your house. It can bring you bad luck, ill health and depression.

We hope all these tips and information will be useful to you.


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