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Watch: Ice-T’s wife Coco Austin walks-on even after seeing man vacuuming road

If you have ever been so attached to your new shoes or clothes that you make sure it doesn’t even see a single particle of dirt, then you might be able to relate yourself with this. However, if not, this is surely the most bizarre thing you will witness this whole day. We all are very much familiar with Coco and her some awesome workout videos which gave out some serious fitness goals. Well, this time, it isn’t about her workout video or any gorgeous picture on social media. The model and mum-of-one, Coco was captured following a man down the street who armed with a vacuum cleaner and was cleaning the streets as she walked through the streets of New York.

Coco who is known for her sexy dresses was spotted in a bright pink, floral outfit, while cradling her little girl, Chanel, in her arms. When the online celebrity, Coco, was quizzed by the passerby about the man cleaning her way using a vacuum cleaner, the actress said that she is doing to get rid of dirt on her journey. According to the video which went viral on the social media and was even shared for more than 11,000 times, also captured her assistant weaving around people who she stopped to talk to. Meanwhile, there is no clear statement on if this was ‘publicity stunt’ or an ‘advertising strategy’.

The famous actor, Nicole Natalie Marrow Austin, commonly known as Coco Austin, has mostly been in the news regarding her fabulous curves. The super hit model became a mother of one in 2015 and has been married to famous rapper, Ice-T for the past 15 years. According to Hollywood Life, Coco Austin said that her new show will focus on parenting as she adjusts to life as a mum to Chanel.

For all the mommies-to-be here are a few of the motivational videos from Coco Austin’s Instagram account to keep you fit for all the papas-to-be!

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