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No Fear No Favour

 I Was Shattered When She Was Dating Somebody Else!

We all are aware of The most handsome & eligible bachelor Salman Khan is a romantic person at heart. But Salman’s fans always get curious to know about Salman’s love Life, heartbreak and relationships

However, Recently in an interview, Salman Khan got candid about all things love and we cannot stop gushing over his honest and heartfelt replies. “ Mr Dabangg” got emotional when he was sharing his most secret love story , the time when he first fell in love with a girl, who just did not reciprocate the same feelings.   Salman khan shared his feelings to her  in a very honest way saying “I was 16 and there was this girl I really liked, but I could never collect the courage to tell her that. I was scared she would say no. She dated two of my friends and it didn’t work out [with either of them]. She was a friend to me, but never liked me romantically. When others dated her, I was heartbroken. She never got to know of my feelings.”

Though it was one sided love and that is from the Salman’s side, but he revealed “She must have noticed (that I was in love with her), but she was not into me. I was bummed.” And as we all know how much Salman respects woman and always try to maintain the mannerism with every woman. Whether we talk about his little sister or his exes he always set an example to others.   Even every sister of this nation wants a  bighearted brother like him.  Without mentioning the girl’s name, Salman continued to talk about her. He confessed that though “she ‘wasn’t the most beautiful girl’, but there was ‘something nice about her’. She had an erratic dog she couldn’t control. That dog once bit me. I had barely raised my hand (at it) and she yelled at me. That was when I realized, it’s over. She doesn’t like me, her dog doesn’t like me and her family comes a lot later. I was sad for a few days and it felt like life was coming to an end. Today, I thank God. Till this day, I don

All through his personal experiences, Khan has learnt many things. M’t take her name. I am sure she is happy. I haven’t seen her in 35 years.” Khan admitted, “Failure in personal relationships is the loveliest thing ever. You feel the pinch when you are 16 or 17.. But if it doesn’t work out, it’s fine. Take your time; don’t go for rebounds. Someone better always comes along. Don’t let the pain of a break-up weigh you down. The angst and animosity is all going to die. Everyone is eventually going to be happy.” having witnessed heartbreaks and unrequited love, relationships and romance has never deterred Salman Khan



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