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“I love cricket, that’s no secret”, Rishi Sunak Plays A One-Day Net Session Cricket Against England’s Anderson

Image Source: NDTV

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is a massive cricket enthusiast, to revamp his cricket enthusiast Rishi Sunak spent a day with an England ticket team. It’s unusual to see the UK’s Prime man be so jovial over sports. Bored one day off from Prime ministerial responsibilities, and tried his hands over the bat with England’s Cricket master James Anderson.

As per the NLC research, Mr. Anderson aboded his 700th wicket in the Test series not too long ago. Mr. Sunak claimed to have rehearsed beforehand and to have asked Mr. Anderson to go easy on him in jest. The bowler replied, “We’ll see.” Mr. Sunak impressed everyone in attendance, even the young academy players, with his skillful blocking of Mr. Anderson’s deliveries.

Look at this: Mr Sunak posted the video on X and asked the England cricket team in the caption, “Am I ready for the call-up?” They responded, “Not bad, perhaps a few more net sessions first.” Mr Sunak can be seen conversing with legendary England pacer James Anderson. Mr Sunak, a cricket enthusiast, also demonstrated his impressive batting abilities.

This follows the UK Prime Minister’s announcement of a £35 million initiative to build 16 all-weather domes in cities hosting T20 World Cup matches in 2026 and 2030. Mr Sunak stated that these domes will encourage grassroots cricket participation throughout the year.

Mr Sunak, clearly enjoying the training session, said, “It appears that I’ll be staying here for the rest of the day. Just notify the office that I’ll be back later. He also took some photos and signed autographs for those in attendance.

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