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Humanity made Neha Datwan pay 3.6 lakh as fine: learn more

Neha Datwan , an advertising executive living in nisarg heaven society in kandivali, Mumbai. She was charged 3.6 lakh for feeding a stray dog in society premises.

On talking to the reporter of Hindustan times , chairman Mitesh Bora said around 98% of residents signed the levy for imposing fine on those who will feed stray dogs in society premises. Me being the chairman it is my responsibility to look after the rules to be followed by everyone.

He also added to his statement that “these rules are made after so many complaints regarding stray dogs. These dogs are not safe for senior citizens and children. These rules are for the safety of society members.”

Datwani said initially she was fined 2500 in the month of June for feeding stray dogs but later it went upto Rs. 75,000 per month for feeding stray dogs. She further added that society stopped imposing penalty when she approached the animal rights activists and informed them about these rules.

She said “these dogs are not stray dogs . They born in society premises. I am taking care of them since their birth. They are not danger. I m serving them due to my love for animals and due to the feeling of humanity which is forcing me to feed the hungry stray dogs every day. Since these rules are supposed to continue in different aspects. So, I have decided to leave this society since I am not interested in paying fine nor I have that much big heart to ignore those poor dogs.”

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