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Hum Karein Toh S***A Character Dheela Hai, cops suspended as caught drinking on duty

a new video has surfaced where a group of policemen can be seen having joyous time drinking beer inside a police station while on duty in Etawah city of Uttar Pradesh. A number of police officers have been suspended in the past for drinking on duty while wearing a uniform.

video courtesy: ANI


police officers were in uniform while they were having a gala time, in the police station. The officers have been suspended for now but strict actions will be taken regarding the scene.

In the video that has gone viral, few police officers were caught drinking beer and enjoying inside the police station in Uttar Pradesh while they were on duty, is it religious enough to drink on work. But recent incidents which have also been reported regularly against the police, but does it say that youth which are caught drinking by the police officers vanishes as they might be in contact with their seniors. the same should happen to all. corporate as well as government issue. Rules should be same for all. If caught drinking should be suspended too.

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