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This Documentary Shows That Sexual Harassment Is Not Restricted To Women Only

We live in a country where sexual violence can’t and won’t happen to men. And we can agree to it to a larger extent. When it comes to sexual harassment, men can play a well a victim too. Sexual harassment doesn’t see a race, caste, creed and gender. To raise the concern on the same, we came across the promo of The Voiceless


Five men from completely different backgrounds and a shared conflict share their heartbreaking accounts in this documentary.



“I felt ashamed,” said one


“And then sheer panic set in,” explains another.


“The text message that I can remember him sending me was ‘I thought you enjoyed it,” added the third.


It takes a lot of courage to first acknowledge that it happened to you and then to talk about it. Moreso, when you’re doing so in front of a camera.

Watch the documentary trailer, below:


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