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House of Snakes: Dream house turn out to be nightmare with 46 serpents found

Sawan month is considered to be the most sacred month of the year as devotees pour their prayer to Shiv, a Hindu god. Shiv, is also popularly known for playing with snakes. And as the month is in its full swing, the god himself gave an entrance in a house in Ghazipur.

A panic episode was created in Bogna village of the Maradh police station area when 46 people were evacuated from a house. While a serpent is still roaming around the house, the family members of the house got feared for their death. Seeing the crowd of hundreds of people, villagers gathered around the house.

It is noteworthy that four days earlier, a snake appeared in the house of the resident Kanta Rajbhar. The family members did their extensive research but they did not know about the snakes. Meanwhile, two days ago, a snake on the foot of Kanta’s son Vinod’s wife Anita climbed. Five snakes were discovered in two days when it was discovered. After this, Kanta called the snake charmer. Spare removed 46 snakes from the house one by one, including a snake. 46 Snakes are all stunned. Still giving away a serpent is far away,

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